Tag: Environmental Justice

Drifting in the Dream State

Floating beneath the mountains, drifting in the dream state — it fills the soul with a warmth I can’t describe. It’s as if our mad ascent to development and “progress” has pioneered us out of life’s greatest gift of all: being connected to the world we live in. I want to take this opportunity to ...

This Earth Day

This Earth Day, I am lucky to enjoy one of the most thriving, preserved places on Planet Earth, and the health, joy, & ease of life that comes with it — but for billions of global citizens, this is not the case.

Stories from the Silence

The richest stories erupt from invisible places. A tale about society & our development - told through a narrative photostory of one of California's most unseen spaces.

When Saving the Planet is a Fight to Save Ourselves

Environmentalism, explained, in the world's longest nutshell. A series of chapters on social justice, equity, the environment, & how it all connects.

Latin America’s Relationship with Oil

Latin America: a land plundered for centuries. An examination of oil extraction, colonialism, & the "discovery of the new world."

Reframing Visions of National Security

When it comes to addressing today's violent threats, we're given a choice: clean energy and the environment, or national defense - but do we have to choose?

It Takes a Hurricane ~ Recognizing & Reacting to Environmental Injustice

A comprehensive study completed by the Puerto Rico Climate Change Council in 2013 foreshadowed today's crisis with daunting accuracy ~ so how & why did we end up where we are today? A discussion on the slow violence of climate change and environmental injustice, through the lens of Puerto Rico.