Category: TRAVEL: The World Beyond the Wall

This Earth Day

This Earth Day, I am lucky to enjoy one of the most thriving, preserved places on Planet Earth, and the health, joy, & ease of life that comes with it — but for billions of global citizens, this is not the case.


Isolating in isolation & imagining a better world.

Life is but a dance…

Sometimes we're confronted by the power of the ocean beneath us ~ Life lessons from the ocean.

Curse fear, chase the dream.

"What have I done?" Choosing love over fear & living our fullest life.

Simple Happiness

What do we really need to live a happy life? A powerful question for both our planet, & our lives.

What Exists & Cannot Be Replaced

It seems that in search of things that are meant to bring our society happiness, we’ve lost touch with a beauty that already exists - new perspective from Caribbean waters.

Paradise Found

You'd never think this was an intentional venture - but here we are. Follow our journey as we tell a more honest story about traveling in paradise.

Welcome to Kolombangara

I've always been an ocean girl, but the tropical rainforests of Kolombangara Island stole my heart.

Chasing Clouds

A journey from an island to an island in the sky.