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A community of ocean-loving, environmentally conscious humans, writing for people & the planet.


Inaction is denial. International leaders are not acting fast enough to ensure public health, national security, social justice, ecological stability, & a healthy environment.

Groundswell is an independent media project designed by passionate students and citizens, mobilizing the people for a safe, clean, equitable environment. In the face of stifling inaction from national leaders and corporate media, we believe that our passion, insight, and knowledge can mobilize the public in rapid, forceful action for people & the environment.

As community leaders ~ civil governments, religious leaders, writers and communicators, teachers & educators, small business owners, impassioned citizens ~ we can take action within communities to mobilize the public against climate disruption.

Why Now? Our own health depends on a healthy planet ~ we have a responsibility to think critically about our role in a much bigger world. The food we eat, waste we generate, energy we consume ~ the everyday experience of human existence ~ affects the planet, other humans, & future generations. Started by University of California, Santa Barbara Environmental Studies Student Julia Donath, Groundswell seeks to bridge the gap between leading experts & the general public, to empower action from the ground up.

What are Groundswell’s sources? Groundswell pulls from a variety of academic sources, featuring content from U.C.S.B. coursework and the campus’s leading professors, researchers, and lecturers. Through contributions from students and passionate individuals, Groundswell aims to make the field of environmental studies more accessible to the general public. Groundswell is an independent media project & does not receive funding.

“Why try if we’re all screwed anyway?” Because we are absolutely not. International leaders have not provided communities and individuals with opportunities for involvement and agency. International media continues to avoid addressing this uncomfortable subject. Through critical journalism and enhanced awareness, Groundswell aims to provide the public with opportunities for engagement & action.


We hope that our various words, visions, and explosions of thought educate, empower, and motivate you to think critically about the challenges we face as residents of planet Earth.

Join the Groundswell for a Cleaner & More Equitable Future. Follow, Contribute, & Lead Your Community Today.


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