Welcome to Groundswell.

An independent media project designed by students, mobilizing the people for a safer, better, healthier society.


Groundswell grew out of the belief that the news should empower us with higher-level thinking and unconventional ideas. We tell stories through a deeply critical lens, igniting deeper conversations about the world’s pressing challenges. We are intensely devoted to covering social and environmental justice, and tell stories that advance ideas about public health, national security, justice & wellbeing, ecological stability, and healthy communities. 

Our Content & Sources. 

Groundswell seeks to spread high-level thinking and research from academic institutions, so that this knowledge is more accessible to a broader audience. We produce extensively-researched narrative journalism, informed by academic resources, professors, and researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Featuring contributions from students and community leaders, Groundswell shares the progressive ideas and ambitious pursuits underway at U.C.S.B. so that these visionary, critical avenues for change are more accessible for all.

Started by University of California, Santa Barbara Environmental Studies Student Julia Donath, Groundswell seeks to bridge the gap between leading experts & the general public, to empower action from the ground up.

“Why try if we’re all screwed anyway?” 

Because we are not. International leaders have not provided communities and individuals with enough opportunities for understanding, involvement, and agency. Large media institutions continuously avoid the uncomfortable complexity of issues such as climate disruption, institutionalized injustice, and building healthy communities. Through critical journalism and enhanced awareness, Groundswell aims to provide the public with opportunities for engagement & action.

As community leaders ~ civil governments, religious leaders, writers and communicators, teachers & educators, small business owners, impassioned citizens ~ we can take action within communities to mobilize the public towards a better, healthier society.


We hope that our various words, visions, and explosions of thought educate, empower, and motivate you to think critically about the challenges we face as residents of planet Earth.

Join the Groundswell for a Cleaner & More Equitable Future. Follow, Contribute, & Lead Your Community Today.

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