Transformative Seas

Creating beauty out of chaos, movement and change ~ maybe we can strive to do the same.

Slowing down to appreciate the divine beauty of moving water as it dances in the light.

As we find ourselves strangely stopped in time, our forced isolation offers the perfect opportunity to slow down & embrace mindful living. Perhaps it’s not a curse, but an opportunity, to cure what sickens us the most —  fast-paced lifestyles, forever forward movement that allows no time to slow down & be deeply mindful & present. 

Still, it’s pretty hard to reach this state of mind while immersed in what can only be described as a chaos-addicted media — so I think I’ll just immerse here instead.

Grateful for a world underwater that creates so much beauty and peace out of movement, chaos, and change. Maybe in our little human world above, we can strive to do the same…

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