Brave Beings

A few brave beings brave enough to approach the most dangerous, destructive animal in the water today: us.

For all we do to intentionally or unintentionally traumatize the Earth, I’m always so honored, humbled, and amazed when other creatures so bravely welcome us into their world. Swimming all the way from out of the blue, they glide by with such careful, slow attention, their eyes filled with the deepest curiosity as they stare directly into yours… they actually want to know what we are. It’s a feeling that touches the soul — a feeling of being deeply connected, to all life that shares this world, even to what instills fear & unknown. Their brave curiosity and acceptance reminds us that we are all connected — something I think we often forget within the confines of our self-inflicted human isolation. They overcome their fear of us; maybe we can overcome our fear of them, and all the others we reject & push away because we were too afraid to understand…

(Galapagos Whaler sharks, “Carcharhinus galapagensis,” frequenting the waters surrounding Balls Pyramid, Lord Howe Island.)

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