A Wave of Emotions

Our oceans are not an inexhaustible resource and we must stop treating them as such — an encounter with the plastic epidemic.

Bermuda is a small subtropical island fixed some 700 miles off of the coast of the United States, best known for its turquoise waters and pink sand beaches. As you meander the beaches of this Bermuda-ful paradise that is located in the epicenter of the North Atlantic Gyre, these small bits of frail micro plastics that coexist within the pink sand are often over looked. These brittle microplastics can have adverse effects on ocean environments, as they continue to cycle through oceanic gryes breaking into smaller bits.

We often hear about conceptualization of this micro plastic epidemic, but to see it first hand was a wholly new experience. As I walked along the beach with hundreds of thousand of pieces of micro plastic beneath my feet, I was overwrought with a WAVE of emotion and sorrow as I felt we had failed Mother Nature.

Passerbys stopped with a gleam in their eye to ask me what I was collecting, in hopes of something exciting — I had to regretfully tell them I was merely collecting bits of brittle micro plastic that began to crumble to smaller pieces upon reaching my finger tips. Our oceans are not an inexhaustible resource and we must stop treating them as such. It simply isn’t enough to merely attempt to clean up our mess; we must collectively work together to make better, more conscientious decisions in order to be better stewards of this big blue ball we call home.

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