Inaction is denial. Join Groundswell for a safe, clean, more equitable environment.

Inaction is denial. International leaders are not acting fast enough to combat the biggest public health, national security, social justice, and ecological calamity humanity has ever faced.

But that doesn’t matter, because change in society comes from people like you. 

We need community leaders ~ civil governments, religious leaders, writers and communicators, teachers & educators, small business owners, impassioned citizens ~ to take action in their own communities to mobilize the public against climate disruption.

Groundswell is a media project designed by passionate students and citizens, mobilizing the people for a safe, clean, equitable environment. In the face of stifling inaction from national leaders and corporate media, we believe that our passion, insight, and knowledge can mobilize the public in rapid, forceful resistance against this mounting crisis.

Join the Groundswell for a Cleaner & More Equitable Future. Follow, Contribute, & Lead Your Community Today.

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