Ways to (Significantly) Reduce Your Plastic Usage

If you have visited any beach anywhere, you’re well aware of humanity’s obvious presence, commonly presented in the form of assorted plastic garbage. Plastic bottles, garbage bags, toys, packaging, containers, micro-plastics… we are that annoying dog that pees on literally everything in sight, obsessively marking our territories with the new-age branding tool that is plastic.

In the interest of changing this crummy habit, here are some ways we can all (significantly) reduce our dependency on plastic:

1. Invest in a reusable water bottle & coffee mug

There are approximately a bajillion of them on the market. Hydroflask, Klean Kanteen, Yeti, and this one, for as cheap as $10.

2. Replace plastic baggies ~ Silicone Bags and Glass Tupperware

These silicone bags are dreamy. (and they come in really cool designs, like space dogs & circus animals.)

3. Bring your own silverware when you eat out

For those restaurants that only offer plastic.


This one’s tough, because they are everywhere ~ we’re overcome with an abundance of straws. For your own convenience, reusable straws here.

5. Bring your own damn bag, they sell them literally everywhere.

Literally, everywhere.

6. Local, Whole Foods + Farmers Market = Less Packaging

Eat healthy, local produce and reduce plastic use? Win-win.

7. Bring your own bags for produce, or don’t use produce bags at all

You can buy reusable produce bags here for $13, or get creative and use something else. Or just don’t use produce bags at all. When the cashier gets frustrated, tell them your grand vision to save the planet.

8. Glass jars, A.K.A. Heaven 

Mason jars are heaven. They hold plentiful amounts of just about anything, and you can drop them a million times, and they won’t break. Or, just reuse old jars (peanut butter?) No, you will not get charged more ~ Just weigh your glass jar before you fill it with goods, and the cashier should happily subtract the weight out.

9. Keep tupperware and eating utensils in your car

Sounds crazy, my parents think I’m crazy, but it’s deeply fantastic. Deeply.

10. Buy in bulk!

Plastic bags of flour/nuts/trail mix/chocolate chips, vs. flour/nuts/trail mix/chocolate chips that you can put in your own container, A.K.A. glass jar…

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